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1. What is a Trial Session? is it necessary?

A trial session is a 2 hr consultation/preview of what your hair and makeup would look like for you wedding day. It gives you a chance to talk to the artist about ideas and having it come to life. From there the artist evaluates and lets you know what works best for you (skin, face shape,) and enhances your best features. It also lets you see how long the makeup and hair will last and if any changes may need to be made on the day of.
Although it is not mandatory to have a Trial session, I do recommend it. Whether you are someone whom may not know in particular what they want but have several ideas, never wear makeup and need some guidance or you just had a bad experience. The last thing you want is to panic and scatter ideas on the day of.

2. What preparations should I make prior to appointment for Hair/Mua? Wedding Day?

Clean face would be best. You can use face wash in the morning, but try to avoid SPF as some may have flashback when taking pictures. If you have allergies to certain ingredients or just very sensitive you may use your personal products. I will provide all the skin essentials to prep and hydrate the face.
Dry hair. Not wet or damp. You may shower the night before but best if hair is at least one day old to hold products better. If you have any question about hair extensions or hair loss inquiries please contact via email.

4. Do you recommend getting a haircut and/or color prior to event? Wedding Day?

That can depend on the hairstyle you are going for. Most hairstyle requests are long or med-length hair so cutting it would be more restricting and wont give you the look you may want to achieve. If it's very long I recommend a small trim, but best to consult with artist first to base off the hairstyle you may be aiming for.
Color/Highlights can be beneficial if you are looking for a hairstyle with braids, texture or dimension. I would say get it a few months before to make sure it is the desired color, that way if not, you have time to fix it if needed.

5. Do you recommend getting eye lash extensions and/or facials prior to appointment/Wedding Day?

I personally am not a huge fan of lash extensions but if you are accustomed to it, then yes go for it. Just keep in mind false lashes would not be recommended as it can take off the extensions. If you are not familiar with lash extensions but curious or love the look of it, I say try it first and see if it's something you want to have for the day of.  If not different options of false lashes are included in the makeup service.
If getting a facial, I would recommend getting it at least 1 week before so your skin can heal or in case if the facial is a strong process then allow a little over 2 weeks.
+Please keep in mind if you have dry patchy skin, consider exfoliating as it will greatly help your skins texture and make the makeup apply smoother. Please email me if you have any questions about exfoliation products or basic skin necessities.

6. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made at least 1 month prior to the client's reserved date or the client will be responsible for paying the full amount of services agreed upon in the contract. Unfortunately, any deposits made prior to the event will be non-refundable. For further inquiries on cancellation, please contact via email.

7. What is included in the touch up kit?

A bride gets a small touch up kit in a pouch that consists of; lipstick/gloss in a container, lipstick application, q-tip, oil blotting sheet, and bobby pins (if doing hair style).

8. How does travel work?

First 25 miles from East Hollywood to location is free. Thereafter, it's $1 each mile.

+Clients are also responsible for parking fees (valet, hotel parking, meter). And will be added to final balance.